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Best Web Hosting Service Provider for India 2018- Reviews and Comparison

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In layman’s terms, hosting consists of a server or a computer housing a website. If you remember this, then you will easily remember what is web hosting. A website cannot be hosted ourselves. This is because it is a highly technical process and it requires special expertise. We may have said that web hosting is nothing but housing your website on a computer, but it is much more complex than it actually appears. Web hosting is done on third party or proprietary servers.

In the former, the server is located in the premise of a third party and the data is generated either by self or by another client. Thus, we have seen that web hosting is somewhat like storing a piece of software in a computer. Hosting is nothing but storing. We call it hosting because in this the data is stored on the server or a large computer. Web hosting is normally followed in large organizations, which have a large amount of data to be handled. This large amount of data is stored on servers, which will fit the best web hosting in India to accommodate the large amount of data, generated, Therefore, web hosting is akin to housing people in a flat or bungalow.

How To Choose Best Web Hosting Service

Here are some bulleted points on how to choose the top 10 best hosting companies in India.

  • Know the kind of web host you need
  • Choose the right web hosting package
  • Read web hosting reviews which will enable you to take informed decisions
  • Get the right amount of bandwidth
  • Do not get stuck on price
  • Read the fine print thoroughly before signing on the dotted line
  • Investigate on host reliability and uptime guarantees
  • Study web host upgrading options
  • Check prices of hosting both on sign-up and renewal
  • Check the hosting control panel

Reliable and best web hosting service is the cornerstone of a good website. A reliable web hosting service is a big step in delivering your website to the customer. While selecting the service provider, it is always prudent to keep in mind that the customers should be able to access every part of your website so that he will not find any difficulty in navigating the website. There are options available which allow you to host your website free of cost. However, if you want a customer interface between your web server and yourself, it is better to go through a middleman, who will coordinate with the service provider and make your life easier.

Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting service is one in which many websites reside on one particular server. This web server is in turn connected to the internet. This happens to be the most economical way to host websites. Shared hosting enables reducing the cost of server maintenance. Server maintenance reduces because the number of servers reduces. Such a scheme is suitable in large data handling projects. Shared hosting is normally resorted to when the amount of data to be handled is large and the server capacity available is less. With shared hosting the amount of disk space given per user is limited. This is because there are others sharing the same bandwidth. Such hosting is only possible if the bandwidth of the fiber optic cable is large. Only large bandwidth fiber optic cables can handle the amount of data generated in shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

Here a virtual private server hosts the data generated by a website. Therefore, it is called as VPS hosting. In VPS the machine runs its own copy of the operating system and customers may have super user-level access to the operating system on which it runs. In such hosting almost any software can be installed on the server. With this type of hosting, the user gets dedicated disk space which enables him to utilize large amount of disk space and customize his data accordingly. In VPS hosting the user is able to utilize the total disk space available and therefore, he does not have to suppress his data size.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated web hosting service is when the owner of a server leases out his server to the customer to host his data. This server is dedicated to the customers use and not shared with anyone else. In this hosting service the website is the only data item housed in the server. In this type of hosting, the amount of bandwidth available to the customer is equal to the capacity of the leased server. As the server is dedicated to the user, it is named as dedicated server hosting. It is somewhat similar to VPS hosting with the exception that here the server is not a virtual server. While in the former, the server is virtual, in this, the server is present in the real world.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud based hosting is nothing but VPS hosting. Here, the virtual hosting servers pull the resources required for computing from the underlying network of physical web servers. In this type of hosting, clients can tap into their service as much as they need to, thus enabling the use of more disk space. This can lead to economy, as they will have to pay for only what they utilize. Moreover, as cloud hosting can be accessed at any time, they do not need to pay for additional capacity. Such hosting services are based on the cloud, in the sky. The servers are present in virtual space.

Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting, one can have unlimited domains, sub-domains and email accounts. Additionally, there are several MySQL and FTP accounts to go with it. With each reseller server plan, the user gets free WHMCS or WHM autopilot billing software. There is also the facility to enjoy a free reseller club domain reseller account. In reseller hosting, the server is flexible and scalable. Reseller hosting includes free WHM and WHMCS. Reseller hosting allows you to rehost data that is received from another source, it may be a website or a blog. Reseller hosting is generally not followed very commonly because it is rare.

Managed Hosting

When the service provider leases dedicated servers and the associated hardware for a single client, the hosting is called as managed hosting. It is called as managed hosting because the equipment is at the service provider’s location and the user manages it from a remote location. In this type of hosting, the domain is configured to include additional web logic server instances called as managed servers. Managed servers are when the server is configured to fit in large amounts of data. It is divided into racks to allocate specific space for different clients. This is the reason it is called as managed hosting.

Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Service

A bad web hosting service has the following effects on the service:

  • Have negative effects on your search rankings
  • End up wasting your money
  • End up wasting your hard work and time
  • Affect your online authority in the long-term

In order to avoid the above four detrimental effects, here are five things that should be looked at with care when choosing a web hosting service:

  • Not all big name web hosts are good for you
  • Cut rate hosting may not be your best bet
  • Information from third party reviewers
  • Testing customer support is allowed
  • Security strength

Web hosting service providers offer various features that distinguish them from each other. While choosing the best web hosting service for you, you must understand your own needs. Doing this will go a long way in saving money and effort, both during the vendor choosing process and the operational process, later. Further, if you did not find information about the quality of your website in the reviews given by customers, it is always feasible to ask your customer for feedback before you choose a suitable vendor for hosting. One should not only look at the technical aspects, when choosing a web hosting service provider.

Best Web Hosting Companies In India: Our Top 10 List For March 2018

Web Hosting Company Overall Rating Features Reviews Website
Big Rock Website Hosting reviews India, cheap web hosting
  • Free domain registration
  • Easy Install of Apps
  • 25 numbers of Databases
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
Ipage Web Hosting reviews India, top 10 web hosting, web hosting india review
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Email Account
  • Free Domain Name
  • 200$ worth Adwords Credits
  • Enhanced Security Software
Best hosting in India
  • Free Domain Name and Website Builder tool
  • Free Domain Theft
  • Free Register Lock
  • Free Security Features
4. Inmotion virtual private server Reviews
  • Control panels including of Plesk
  • Free domain registration
  • 25 numbers of Databases
  • 500 Email Account
Big Rock Website Hosting reviews India, cheap web hosting
  • User friendly Control Panel
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Account management is easier
  • State-of-art Infrastructure
Siteground Web Hosting Reviews, India, web hosting providers, web hosting review
  • Quick App Installers
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Email Account
Hostingraja.in Reviews, best website hosting, top 10 web hosting india, best hosting, best hosting companies
  • Unlimited domain hosting, Space and Email
  • Free site builder w/ templates
  • Free instant set-up
  • Unlimited file transfer
Fatcow Hosting reviews, fatcow Web Hosting reviews India, cheapest web hosting
  • Free Website Building and Email Tools
  • Cpanel features
  • World Class Customer Service
  • High class Data Security
HOSTMONSTER reviews, HOSTMONSTER Web Hosting review India, cheapest Best web hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and free Site Builders
  • CPanel Interface
  • 250$ Adwords Credits
  • Live Chat Support
justhost reviews, justhost review in India, low cost web hosting
  • 200$ worth Adwords Credits
  • Free Site Builders
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free Data backup

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