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A Detailed Guide to Redecorating Your House with Comfort, Coziness & Calm in Mind

Redecorating Your House

As a homeowner, you will naturally want to design and decorate your house in a way to express your personality, remain practical and functional, keep it clean and tidy, and perhaps even be in keeping with the latest interior design trends. However, at the heart of your home should be the simple fact that you feel entirely at peace, comfortable, cozy, and calm, and with that being said, here is how to redecorate your home to achieve this.

Add Indoor Plants to Every Room

First and foremost, foliage and flowers are the simplest, most affordable, and truly beautiful way of injecting a sense of calm and tranquillity into your interior living spaces, and this is why the more indoor greenery you bring into your home, the better. There is also a wide plethora of additional benefits to be found for your physical health and emotional well-being to indoor houseplants too, including the following to name but a few:

Your Bathroom

Regardless of whether you are someone who prefers a practical, fast, and cleansing shower every morning before you head out to work or else love to set the alarm an hour earlier and enjoy a relaxing, decadent, and beautifully smelling bubble bath, your bathroom should be designed with peace and tranquillity in mind. Obviously, you are limited to the amount or, indeed, presence of electrical items in the bathroom, so it is up to you to find functional alternatives, with one of the most effective being a battery-powered touch lamp for the top of your bathroom cabinet.

This way, instead of having to stagger into the bright light of the overhead ceiling light on a winter’s morning, you can adjust the level of warm, low, and warm lighting to suit. Lighting plays such a pivotal role in the creation of a comfortable and relaxing interior design framework, and for this reason, you may also want to consider the addition of smart lighting. Not only will this afford you the ability to control each and every light throughout the property from your smartphone or tablet, but you can also choose different colors, shades, and hues of lighting to suit the individual space.

Your Bedroom

The room which represents the ultimate relaxing atmosphere conducive to sleep is, of course, your bedroom, and as such, every single piece of home décor, as well as the overall design and color scheme, should reflect this. Firstly, if you have wooden hardwood or laminate flooring in your master bedroom, then even though such floor coverings are perfect for the warm summer months, you still need to bring a sense of warmth and comfort. By far, the best way to do this is to go hunting for a beautifully designed, thick, and textured oversized rug for the center of the floor at the foot of your bed, with this extra layer on the floor providing more warmth in a practical sense and a cozier overall ambiance.

Your Living Room

If your bedroom is the space in which you recharge and rejuvenate, your living room is the area you wind down and enjoy an evening free from professional duties and personal commitments, and the décor and design should both reflect this. 

One of the simplest, surprisingly affordable, and indeed, truly stunning additions to any living room of any size is a beautiful old fashioned fireplace with complimenting oversized floor rugs, plush cushions on the sofa, and warm, snuggly throws and blankets. Other effective and relatively affordable changes to your living room aesthetic for a more comfortable and cozier feel include the following:

Your Kitchen

By far the most functional of any room within your home, the kitchen needs to appear and, indeed, genuinely be, clean, crisp, and sanitized at the same time as homely, warm, and a place you are more than happy to be. This is why the best way of creating a warmer and more comfortable aesthetic in the kitchen is to move towards personalization and the nurturing of a more family-focused space. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a kitchen large enough to comfortably hold a small breakfast table and chairs, then make sure said table is always free of clutter. The power of lighting to create a homely ambiance and atmosphere should be utilized to the maximum in the kitchen, so change the harsh, possibly even fluorescent, ceiling light with smaller, more focused lamps and lighting fixtures in different areas. Additionally, look to layer this more ambient lighting (especially above the aforementioned breakfast table), incorporate natural wooden features and accessories, and even consider the addition of floor tiles made from terracotta.

Your Hallway

For yourself, your family members, and other guests in your home, the overall impression of the hallway and porch form the basis of opinion to the feel, style, and ambiance of your property. As such, you should also focus your efforts here. Fortunately, there are myriad ways to design and decorate your hallway and entrance to the property with a cozier and more welcoming and comfortable aesthetic in mind, which include installing a space heater on the porch to physically increase the warmth of the space

Furthermore, a plush, cozy, and thick doormat that perfectly matches the color scheme of the walls and floor is another exceedingly affordable yet effective addition to the hallway of your home, as is a piece of striking and fashionable artwork above the door.

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