Top 10 Best Cities to Live in United States

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in United States
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The USA is clean and safe country for a healthy living. It is divided into different cities which are well developed and are recognized as best cities among one another. Best cities are defined on the basis of proper cleanness, well development and safe environment for living. Every city of USA is accepted as a best place for living. Top 10 cities of USA are listed to make you aware about its qualities and specialties. This can be helpful for you to plan a visit there. Every city has well-established shopping malls and other facilities. The view of famous sites from each city will attract you more towards it.

10. Chicago

top 10 best cities to live in usa chicago-usa
Weather: 24°C, 71% Humidity

Chicago is one of the famous cities in USA, officially known as the City of Chicago. Chicago lies in both the state of Illinois and Midwestern United States. The main area of around 606.42 km2 is the metropolitan area called as Chicagoland. With 10 million people it is the third-largest city in United States. The city is famous for its museums, art institute with its well known architecture.

09. San Franciso

Best Cities to Live in United States- SanFrancisco
Weather: 12°C, 90% Humidity

San Francisco is one of the most popular city in California. The city is known for its Cultural, Commercial and financial center in Northern California. The main city of San Franciso is vast around an area of 600.59km2. It is highly populated city with population greater than 200,000.

08. Boston

boston-Cities to Live in United States
Weather: 21°C, 71% Humidity

Boston being the oldest cities in the United States, founded in 1630. The wider metropolitan area spreaded around 48 square miles called as Greater Boston. It is the place for several key events of the American Revolution like Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Siege of Boston and the Boston Tea party. With moderate weather it is a wonderful city to live in.

07. New Orleans

top 10 best cities to live in usa new-orleans
Weather: 27°C, 84% Humidity

New Orleans situated on the Mississippi river, near the Gulf of Mexico is a Louisiana city. It is popularly called as Big Easy city with round the clock night life. The city with its vibrant live music and its singular cuisine that reflecting its history with French, American and African cultures. It is famous for its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage with its unique French and Spanish Creole architecture.

06. New York City

top 10 best cities to live in usa new-york
Weather: 22°C, 77% Humidity

New York, the most populous city in the United States situated at the place where the Hudson river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The city with population of 8,537,673 for the land area of about 302.6 square miles, New York ranked as the top most densely populated city. New York is a lively cultural, financial and media capital city with its art, fashion, cuisine, entertainment and an important center for international diplomacy.

05. Los Angeles

best places live in america los-angeles-best-city-in-usa
Weather: 18°C, 84% Humidity

Los Angeles is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. Los Angeles is a center of the nation’s film and television industry with studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers.

04. Portland, Oregon

top 10 best cities to live in usa Portland-usa-city
Weather: 14°C, 79% Humidity

Portland situated on the Columbia and Willamette rivers in Oregon. It is famous for its parks, bridges, coffeehouses and its eco-friendly environment. The population of Portland city is about 2,424,955 that covers around sixty percentage of Oregon’s population. The city is very convenient for water transport through which it allows the transportation of several goods.

03. Austin, Texas

top 10 best cities to live in usa-Austin, Texas
Weather: 26°C, 87% Humidity

Austin, is an inland city and the state capital of Texas. The city is bordering with the Hill country region. There are many parks, lakes and provide a wide opportunity for hiking, biking, swimming and boating. Being the cultural and economic center with regional offices including Amazon, Oracle, Apple, Cisco, eBay, Google, IBM, it is the fastest growing city in the United States.

02. Las Vegas

top 10 best cities to live in usa lasvegas-best-city-usa
Weather: 32°C, 17% Humidity

Las Vegas officially the City of Las Vegas or simply Vegas. This city is a major resort city in United States, popular for shopping dining cuisine, gambling, entertainment. It is the city of leading financial, cultural and commercial center for Nevada. Being the major resort city it is a wonderful lively city to live in.

01. Miami

miami-usa-best-city-to-live top 10 best cities to live in usa
Weather: 28°C, 78% Humidity

Miami, an international city located at southeastern tip of Florida. Miami is the home to South Beach and it is the cleanest city and the richest city of America. Its perfect weather and its year-round good quality air, greeny environment, clean water, clean surroundings make it as the top number one city to live in the United States.

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